We have plenty of features we aim to deliver to make crypto and whale tracking easier for investors. Check out some of our planned and in progress features below.

In Development

Core Platform

Software should be well built. Our app uses best practices on web and app development to make whale tracking easy to use.

Transaction Filtering

Specify exactly which buys and sells you care about. More than 1 BNB? Less than 100 ETH? Specify it all in your report and notification settings.

Token Saver

Are you researching a bunch of tokens for consideration? Save them in your favourites, create categories, and get daily or weekly reports.


Whale Notifications

Get notified every time a whale buys and sells in a token you are tracking. Slack, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp and more, will all be supported


Track whales wherever they are. We will start with BNB and ETH and eventually make it available across all major networks.

Whale Market

Found a whale that nobody knows about? Trade your address collections in our p2p market.

Whale NFTs

Every whale wallet tracked gets its own unique identity and icon. Own whale wallet addresses in our private NFT market.


How do you compare to whales? Use our charting tools to compare your earnings to whales!


Are you a whale? Not shy? Apply to get on our Whale Podcast and TV show and talk about your investment experiences and trading insight.

Whale Chat

Found a whale someone else is already tracking? Cool! Chat about that whale totally anonymously in our whale tracker chat!

Ninja Gear

Love our brand? Support our team by purchasing some cool Ninja gear, one-of-a-kind art pieces, and NFTs!

Fail Whales

Want to see whales that lost a big bag in a scam and failed to moon? See a report about them here!

Whales MIA

Are there whales that haven’t touched their wallet a long time? Yep! They do exist! Find out in our weekly report here.

Our Own Token

An inflationary token that allows users to pay for access, earn profit and support our team’s development efforts.


Whale Anonymizer

Are you a whale that wants to keep your address private forever? Pay a small fee and keep your address out of our whale pool.

Ninja School

Crypto is complicated. Get your “black belt” by taking classes in our live, instructor-led ninja school.

Ninja Conference

A once-a-year super conference where we discuss the future of Whale Ninja! Meet influencers and crypto experts, and have fun!

Group Accounts

Want to share trading ideas with your private group or even sell access to them? Do that with group accounts!

Fighting Game

Ninjas fighting whales. Seriously. A side-by-side single-player, streetfighter style. Lost your money to a whale? Take out your frustrations here.