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Our founder, Mayur Jobanputra, joined the tech industry in the mid-1990s and was an early pioneer, learning about HTML and web development and publishing his first website in 1998. He spent many years in the tech industry in various roles and consulting evenings and weekends with startups. He started learning about bitcoin in 2016 and became deeply involved in communities.

He saw an opportunity to innovate with better design and tools after seeing what was being developed. He attempted initially to create an automated token contract minting service using his background as a Release engineer (documented here). 

He later attempted to start a second idea at, believing the market would want a youtube alternative but with tipping in meme coins – something popular at the time with Doge and others.

Both ventures were unsuccessful due to technical, financial, and eventually health challenges.

In 2020 he started a product management agency at which gained a lot of interest on social media and generated a Slack group of 500 in less than 30 days. Despite excellent traction and a team quickly forming, that startup was put on hold due to COVID and illness.

In Fall 2020, he pitched a sports app startup to YC (, and in late 2020, pitched YC with – AI for community management.

In 2021, he re-visited his earlier explorations in crypto and started to revisit some previous ideas. After some investing he saw an opportunity to build Although many tools exist to track crypto portfolios, none provide clear, simple analysis that he was looking for.

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After exploring the idea of starting a crypto portfolio app on his own, he registered, built and launched the website. After launch, other enthusiasts he met on Reddit and Discord joined his efforts, and the team rebranded to

Today, the team is actively working on building an MVP for customers driven by this simple thesis: traders and new investors want better and easier tools to make decisions with.

Signups and Conversion data

This project was first launched on our previous domain at in August 2021. With zero paid marketing and very little mention on social media, that website has received 1.2k impressions, 417 users, and 124 unique visitors from search to date (see this document for analytics). 

The website had a high conversion rate (~20%) and gained 80 signups. 

The new website at was launched in mid-October 2021 and is collecting new data that we will present here soon.

Current Updates

Our team is bootstrapping the first release of the Centinl app. We are continuing to reach out to early adopters and gaining a clearer understanding of their pain points. We have a strong product thesis that we are making a small bet on with our first release.

If you want the latest information about our progress, please get in touch with our founder, Mayur here:

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