About us

Centinl develops powerful reporting tools to make crypto easy and fun while helping customers track and manage their crypto portfolio.

Our mission

We are on a mission to make the crypto world safer, easier, and more accessible for everyone. 

We believe that new investors entering the crypto world shouldn’t be scared because of a lack of education and transparency. New adopters should have easy access to the information they need to invest safely. That means easy access to reports showing token ownership, as well as notifications when changes in ownership occurs. That’s why we are building Centinl – to give everyday investors actionable data about tokens they care about.

Our values

Data, truth, and justice. Crypto needs to be easier and customers need to feel safer. New crypto adopters are often unaware about the state of crypto markets and the coins they invest in. Technology and Engineering can solve many of these problems by uncovering facts and making them more accessible. 

Our team

We are doxxed!


Mayur J

CEO and Founder

I’m a creative entrepreneur and crypto investor with more than 20 years of experience in the tech industry. I’m leading the Centinl team to make crypto easier and safer for everyone. 


Carlos E

Senior Software Developer

Hello. I’m a Senior Full Stack developer from Brazil with a passion for Machine learning, Blockchains, and Technology. 


Addison H

Business Development

Hey everyone! My name is Addison Houston, and I am passionate about product design, entrepreneurship, investing, and content creation.


Anshu S


Hey everyone! I’m the guy who pushes all the pixels here. When I’m not working I learn about crypto, business and stock market. Also, huge fan of comics so – “I’m vengeance”.

Investors room

If you are an Investor, please visit this page.